The Dollar Wallet


For the final assignment in the Fall studio class, we needed a $7 Object.

Something we could sell for $7 or less. I was partnered up with my friend Lindsey Kerr, and we wanted an object that would possess satire and humor, while still demanding a second look and a conversation. Initially, we had an idea of using reclaimed fabric to make an inexpensive wallet. I was sitting with an old friend who was watching me create various iterations of wallets made from fabric. When he observed two one dollar bills I was using to test the wallets, and jokingly suggested I stitch them together.  From there it took off, Lindsey re-worked the layout of the dollars to make use of three one dollar bills to create more room inside. Then I found a way to use a fourth dollar to create a credit card slot.

Made of four one dollar bills, we sold them for $5.